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“Ask Talulah Anything”
30-Minute Call


Sometimes you just need to talk things out with someone...

… Someone with experience. Who’s been there before. Who has no agenda but to be there and witness your journey.

… Someone who can make you feel seen, heard, held.

… Someone who’s built up a body of wisdom and has decades of skin in the game.

That’s where these calls come in.


I’ve been holding space for women and families for more than two decades — whether it’s as a doula in a birthing suite, as a menstrual educator at a school, as a guide on a  journey, or as a facilitator at a Mother Blessing Ceremony… Holding space is what I do.

And these calls?

Are about holding space for YOU.

You can ask me anything...

It’s your chance to chat things out, pick my brains, get fresh eyes and a fresh perspective on the stuff that’s keeping you stuck, and be truly HEARD by someone who’s 100% present and focused on *you*.


You might like to chat about —

  • Fertility
  • Contraception
  • Menstruation
  • Pregnancy and birth
  • Birth choices (including where you give birth, what type of birth you choose, and who you have supporting you)
  • Home birth (three of my four kids were born at home, so I have lots to share!)
  • Birth Debrief
  • Motherhood
  • Bodily wisdom
  • Intuition
  • The seasons and cycles of life
  • Rites of passage
  • Holding space for others

… or anything in between!


It’s important to note, though...

This isn’t about me “giving you advice” or “telling you what to do”.

Instead, I’ll provide unbiased information where needed, and hold space for you to explore different options, release what needs releasing, shift your energy, and come home to your inner knowing.


To be truly seen and heard is transformational…


… and that’s exactly what you’ll experience during our call.

So if you’re feeling overwhelmed by outside noise, stuck in a cycle of second-guessing yourself, or disconnected from your innate wisdom… be ready to feel all of that shift.


“A precious blessing for myself and baby.”

“Talulah held me in a private session when I was 20 weeks pregnant with my baby boy.

The journey took me to a place where I was able to connect with my baby and open a beautiful communication with him as he was growing in the womb.

Talulah’s gentle but powerful and insightful facilitation created a profound journey that enabled me to deeply process and transform my connection to my baby, birth and motherhood... A precious blessing for myself and baby.”

- Lizzy, Hurlstone Park

Choose your level of support:

Words and wisdom for where you are now...



Perfect if there’s one issue you want to hone in on...

  • 1 x 30-minute Zoom session
  • Recording of your session

(3 sessions)

Craving more support? This package is for you...

  • 3 x 30-minute Zoom sessions
  • Recordings of all your sessions
  • 6 months to use all your sessions
  • Save $40

Any questions? Contact us at hello@makingsacred.com


Virtual Doula


Sacred support for your pregnancy, birth, and beyond...

Whether this is your first child or your fifth, the process of birthing a baby into the world is a transformative one…

And having professional support by your side — someone who’s there *just* for you, in whatever way you might need — can make the experience all the more sweet, satisfying and sacred.

A doula works with you to help you achieve your ideal birth — whatever that may look like...


Whether you want to be at hospital or at home, whether you want an epidural or no intervention at all, my role is to help you achieve your preferred birthing experience and ensure it is as peaceful and enjoyable as possible.

(And yes, in case you’re wondering, with the right tools, mindset and support, labour can absolutely be a profoundly enjoyable and beautiful experience!)

Also: it’s no secret that when it comes to birth and babies, there can be a lot of noise and “helpful” advice out there...

So if you’re not sure what your “ideal birth” is yet, or you’re feeling confused by all the information and suggestions coming your way, I’ll be there to help you cut through the noise, connect with your bodily wisdom, and figure out what’s right for *you*.

Because this is a virtual service, I can support you through your pregnancy wherever you’re located — any town, any time zone, it doesn’t matter.

Many mama’s-to-be prefer having the in-person support of a local doula. But if access to this kind of service is not available in your location, or you prefer the ease and convenience of online support, then working with a virtual doula is perfect for you...

Our calls can be scheduled to fit in with your lifestyle, work schedule and commitments, allowing for maximum flexibility.

And rather than needing to drag yourself to (yet another) appointment, we can chat while you’re in the comfort of your own home, so you can stay as relaxed as possible.

We can even chat while you’re in labour — whether that’s at home, in a birthing suite or in a hospital.


I’m here for you in whatever way you may need, such as —

  • Emotional, spiritual and informational support
  • Developing a birth plan that reflects your desires
  • Providing unbiased information on the types of birth available to you, in your specific situation
  • Connecting with your intuition
  • Overcoming fears around birth and labour
  • Navigating the transition from Maiden to Mother
  • Techniques to support you during labour
  • Moving past previous birth experiences (especially traumatic ones) and rewriting your vision for this birth
  • Unravelling your birth stories (both your own entry into the world, and any previous births/pregnancies — there’s so much we can learn from these past experiences)
  • Postpartum support and preparation for motherhood
  • Physical, emotional and spiritual healing

When it comes to choosing a doula, experience matters...


I’ve been a doula for 15 years, supporting every kind of birth you can think of — including natural, Caesarean, VBAC, IVF, donor egg/sperm pregnancies, multiple births, same sex couples, solo mama’s, high risk pregnancies, home births, public and private hospital births, rainbow babies, NICU special care babies, and pregnancies and birth after previous trauma and loss.

I’m also a Childbirth Educator, with a focus on the practical and spiritual elements of pregnancy and birth.

And I’m a mother myself, to four beautiful humans who challenge and delight me every single day!


“The birth of our little one was made that much more special with Talulah at our side.”

“Talulah's non intrusive, calming approach and her natural warmth and empathy went a

long way to helping me feel confident and secure in my belief that I could have the birth I wanted to have. Furthermore, her support post the birth and in the first week when we

were home was invaluable.

For my husband, Talulah's knowledge and gentle guidance allowed him to feel prepared

for and very much a part of the birth experience.

I hope that when we're ready to expand our little family that Talulah will be able to journey

with us once again.”

- Nicky, Eastern Suburbs

This is for you if —

  • You feel lost in a sea of suggestions and advice (and worried that you’ve lost touch with your own inner compass)
  • Perhaps you’re experiencing pressure to do what your practitioner / hospital / care giver / partner / society wants, and are feeling alone and confused
  • You crave information that’s unbiased and free from any hidden agendas
  • You want to feel confident and empowered to make your own decisions
  • You want to create a birth experience on your own terms, that feels right for *you*
  • You want to journey towards and through your birth feeling supported, uplifted, and surrounded with positive energy
  • You crave a feeling of deep connection with your body, your intuition, and the lineage of women who have gone before you

“I am forever grateful to have had Talulah as my doula for the births of both my children.”

“Talulah’s expert care, extensive knowledge, and capacity to lovingly hold space were absolutely invaluable as I navigated birthing both my babes via cesarean.

Both boys began their lives in NICU, my first boy for 6 weeks and my second for 24 hours. Having Talulah present in this sometimes highly stressful medical environment provided me with the support I needed to feel safe, to feel heard, and to trust in myself and in the birthing journey as it evolved.

Her manner over the time she supported us was always discerning and sensitive to our particular needs as she offered gentle reminders, suggestions, guidance and silent witnessing and support.

Talulah made a vital contribution to the most awesome and precious experience of bringing our babes into the world. She is a truly gifted doula and I would wholeheartedly recommend her services to anyone.”

- Elizabeth, Coogee


Giving birth is one of the most special moments of your life.


As your Virtual Doula, I will support you along this sacred journey to ensure that you feel truly held, heard and empowered throughout your pregnancy, birth and beyond.

Choose the option that suits your needs:



Ideal to hone in on one aspect of your pregnancy or birth...

  • 1 x 30-minute Zoom session
  • Recording of your session

(3 sessions)

Got a few things to discuss? This option is for you...

  • 3 x 30-minute Zoom sessions
  • Recordings of all your sessions
  • 6 months to use all your sessions
  • Save $40

(9 sessions)

Sacred support for every stage of your birthing journey...

  • 9 x 30-minute Zoom sessions
  • Recordings of all your sessions
  • 12 months to use all your sessions
  • BONUS: Personalised Guided Visualisation Recorded just for you, for you to listen to before and during labour (Value: $129)
  • BONUS: Blessing the Mother eCourse (Value: $59)
  • Total value $1079 (Save $320)

Any questions? Contact us at hello@makingsacred.com


Support for Doulas & Birth Professionals


You support families during the most important time of their lives... but who’s supporting you?

Are you a doula or birth professional?

Do you wish you had someone to talk to about your work and experiences?

Or perhaps you’re craving a mentor — someone who can help deepen your process, expand your skill set, and help you find yourself as a practitioner?


True professionals know that they need support.

No matter what kind of doula you are — prenatal, birth, postpartum, full spectrum, death, or anything in between, there’s no getting around the fact that holding space for others can be emotionally and physically demanding...

But there’s good news: you don’t need to walk the path alone.

Talking things through with an experienced doula — someone who’s been there before and truly understands  — can help you ward off burnout, build your resilience, assess your practices, and sustain your passion for this most beautiful and sacred service.

That’s where these support sessions come in...

I’m here to listen and hold space for you in whatever way you need to enhance your work as a doula — whether that’s as a mentor, a friendly sounding board, or as a professional supervisor.


You might like to chat about —

  • Birth debrief
  • Uncovering the ‘why’ behind your work (and any baggage that may be hiding there) for greater clarity in your offerings and how you support your clients
  • Overcoming problems or blocks you’ve encountered during your work
  • Finding your feet as a practitioner
  • Emotional and spiritual tools that can enhance your practice
  • Protecting your own energy while serving others
  • Creating a sustainable business
  • How to add extra value to your clients’ experience
  • Processing and clearing fears or negative emotions
  • Overcoming feelings of isolation or ‘imposter syndrome’
  • Talking through and analysing individual cases
  • Professional development

Through reflection, support and discussion, these sessions will empower you to grow and evolve as a professional and become the doula you aspire to be.


I’m here to hold space for you as you hold space for families...


… so that you’re freed up to be as present and empowered as possible as you journey with your clients across the sacred threshold into parenthood.

If you’ve been craving more clarity, more confidence, and a deeper connection with your intuition, these sessions are for you.


"I’ve been working as a Doula for 12 years and deeply understand the need, and tremendous benefit to have someone trusted I can debrief my experiences with.

If challenging situations arise within a client relationship or at a birth, it is very much needed, personally, to talk that through with someone who intimately understands this world, someone who will listen, gently advise around how to handle the situation, and best ways to move forward.

Talulah is a highly experienced Doula and Birth Educator.

She has given me such incredible guidance and care over many years now.

She’s able to listen as I share, ask questions and provide much needed support.

This professional supervision is vital for doula’s.

It's not enough to talk through birth experiences with friends or family.

In order to stay in my integrity as I do this work, I must check my practices and agenda with an experienced mentor.

Talulah provides a safe, professional, much needed space in which I can do this.

She doula’s the doula & I’m so deeply grateful for this support."

Lauren, Avalon

Choose your level of support:



Perfect if there’s one aspect of your work that you want to hone in on...

  • 1 x 30-minute Zoom session
  • Recording of your session

(3 sessions)

Got a few questions? Craving ongoing guidance? Want to *really* progress as a practitioner? This package is for you...

  • 3 x 30-minute Zoom sessions
  • Recordings of all your sessions
  • 6 months to use all your sessions
  • Save $117

Any questions? Contact us at hello@makingsacred.com