Spirit Weavers Dream


I am returned to my family and home after almost 3 weeks away. I have been preparing for this journey since last year.. feeling again how big it was, how much it would take, and how much I was giving of myself and my family to be there. And, I had said yes, so I surrendered to the journey.

Travelling to Spirit Weavers for the last three gatherings has been a big part of my life. Feels strange to say that, but it has changed me, opened me, filled me and connected me with so many amazing women from all over the planet. My dreaming, vision and potential are expanded from flying over the seas to gather with women, so different and so alike, to learn from them and share my humble offerings. Thank you always Mea @daughterofthesun_ for saying yes! The energy and magic grows each year. Your integrity, humbleness and hard work create this fertile ground for all of our growth. I sincerely hope that you are filled with the joy and love that comes from the space you hold. The gathering was held on the new land of Spirit Weavers in Southern Oregon.


This felt surreal to me.. I have had a secret desire to move to Oregon with my family for a few (about 5) years now. I imagined doing a 6 month winter/spring trip, where the kids could go to a Waldorf school there and we could experience the incredible nature, snow, mountains, forests, rivers and meadows. I had never actually been there before! I don’t know where that dream sprouted from, but I now find that dream reignited.

The land is truly the home of Spirit Weavers.

Everything felt right. The river, the trees, the land.. I wanted to dance in every place I saw. This land moves me from the inside out.

I chose again to offer classes full time, which means 12 hours of teaching over the gathering. This is pretty intense, but my experience last year was that these were my favourite parts of the gathering. Sharing and hearing the womens stories, seeing my reflection in their experiences. It’s magic. I shared Moon Circle 3 times, and Mama Earth Medicine Dance once.

You would maybe think that sharing the same workshop 3 times would be boring, but the groups were so incredibly different that each one was a whole new world of information and sharing. Though each group was so different, within each group there were many women who had the same experiences.. really specific, unique experiences that they happened to choose the circle with other women who had the same unique experience. It is so incredible to me each time!

Mama Earth Medicine Dance was a new offering from me.

Women were asking me to share a dance class, which I could do easily, but I wanted them to connect with their own form of movement, not mine.

Also at the time of writing applications for the gathering, the new government had just come into office in the US. I felt an urgency to offer something that would give them an ally in bringing healing to their selves, communities and the planet. So we journeyed to meet our Earth healing ally and then danced them in together.

Some of the allies were animals, some were plants, some were elements .. and they danced a magnificent forrest of power and gentleness together.

I did not have a set plan for this class, which is very unlike me. I had a brief outline, but all of the words and magic were created in the moment. I have been doing this for a long long time, and I can trust myself to hold this space just as I am. (this is massive for me, over planner, over thinker, over preparer, prepared for all eventualities)

This was the most joyous and healing circle. The women and babies showed up wholly and powerfully and their allies began their healing work immediately. I am excited to hear how they bring healing back in their everyday worlds too.

I will definitely apply to hold this circle again next year, so, hoping it is accepted and we can dance again together. Thank you to Julia Inglis for encouraging me to do this circle.. you know! Julia has been my travelling companion the previous 2 years and the one who introduced me to Spirit Weavers. We all missed you so much Julia! My dolls accompanied me in each circle and I was able to talk about you each time someone asked about them.. which was a lot!

I loved seeing women who I have met at the gathering before and those that had come to Moon Circle the previous years. Especially 3 women who had come to Moon Circle and learned about the contraception they had been using during the class. All three of them came off their birth control almost immediately and shared with me their journeys since then. And one of them had a baby to show!

(note- I do not advise women to come off birth control, I explain what hormonal birth control is doing in their bodies, the effect of the hormones, how it prevents pregnancy, and after learning this some choose to stop taking/wearing/injecting it)

Since my first Spirit Weavers my Instagram (which I just made public last year) has been slowly and gradually growing and I have connected with women there that I now truly call my friends. Social media is a weird place, but I am grateful for the cosmic community and real connections it creates in my life. I met women in person for the first time at Spirit Weavers after chatting only by posts and DM previously.. I absolutely love them all. It can seem like a fake, best angle, perfect world place sometimes, but I now know I can really see into the worlds and souls of some very special women whom I call my dear ones. I can’t name you all, but you know who you are… xxx

My favourite part of it was the whole gathering! But an absolutely favourite part was the dance party at the end of the Sunday night. You know I love a bit of a dance.. and dancing with a few hundred blissed out, hearts wide open, held in a safe and magical space women is about the best thing ever. @bibimcgill Loved it all!

I will be dreaming of the women and the gathering until we meet again in Southern Oregon (where I might be living ;-))!! next year.


Love Talulah xx


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Here I share my offerings with you. All the forms that this work takes, and the many ways I express this in my life. The path of women’s mysteries teacher, mother, menstrual educator, doula, lover of birth, dance, music, the earth, magic and the gathering of Women. With this we bring beauty, we honour your journey, we make it sacred.

Talulah x





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