Unlock the wisdom of your body’s cycles, live in alignment with nature, and explore your innate wisdom with...

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The desire can start in the smallest of ways…

A nudge to find out more about your menstrual and bodily cycles…

An inner whisper, wondering what it would be like to live more in tune with nature and the seasons…

An unexplained urge to explore the stage of life you find yourself in, and get some clarity around why you feel the way you feel...



Don't You?


In a world of busy-ness, noise, and endless scrolling, more and more of us are feeling the call to reconnect with the flow of life… to feel part of nature, not at a distance from her… to embody and express the sacred womanly essence that stirs inside us...

And yet, that very real hunger can seem very hard to feed.

Because let’s face it: most of us have a LOT on our plates already, which can make these sacred yearnings seem impossible to fulfill —

… What if you’ve got a to-do list as long as the Thames, and can hardly find the time to do the laundry (let alone listen to the whispers of your body)?

… What if your days are spent in the middle of suburbia, or in a fluorescent-lit office, with barely a pot plant to remind you of nature?

… What if you have a crew of tiny humans whom you love dearly, but whose presence make you feel more like a chef-cum-chauffeur than a divine feminine being?!

Is it possible to live in alignment with your truth when life feels so (freaking) full?


The answer, dear one, is a resounding yes.

And here’s how…


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A 4-week LIVE online program to help you reconnect with nature’s wisdom, understand your essential cycles, and journey through the altars of this life.

The journey begins September 2019.

Live the wisdom of nature’s rhythms and express your essential self with the moon circle ejourney

Over four weeks, with me as your guide, we’ll come together in (virtual) circle to explore the cycles of your body and nature, and discover the simple shifts that can return us to our natural state of alignment… even when life gets busy.

We’ll also be venturing deep into the archetypal altars of life — from birth and menarche, through to menopause and death (and the multitude of stages in between along with the male and gender neutral equivalents) — to uncover how the different phases are informed by nature, and how you can honour and gain wisdom through each transition.

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The work you’ll do in the Moon Circle eJourney is life altering...

By understanding our own cycles, we can create a state of effortlessness and flow that sets us up to thrive and flourish as individuals.

By tuning in to the cycles around us, we deepen our intrinsic and inseparable connection with nature, and can shift into greater harmony with the Earth.

And by honouring where we are in our life cycle, we also honour who we are, and open up our ability to access the gifts that each phase of life brings.

We bring these three aspects (and many more) together in the Moon Circle eJourney, using them as a catalyst to shift our daily life to feel more of that divine flow we crave, enter a deeper communion with the natural world, and bring us back to our innermost knowing.


How the Moon Circle eJourney works…

Our journey begins in September 2019, and lasts for four weeks.

Each week, you’ll get access to a new ‘chapter’ of work — including a workbook, journaling prompts, drum journey and video lesson.

We’ll also come together each week (via Zoom) to sit in virtual circle, explore the weekly content, and nourish our spirits through gathering and self discovery.

Finally, we’ll be connecting and communing in our private Facebook temple — your space to ask questions, share your learnings, and take the journey further.

You’ve got lifetime access to all these materials (including recordings of the calls), so you’ll never feel rushed, and you’re welcome to move through the chapters at your own pace.


Weekly Live Zoom Call


Journaling Prompts

Drum Journey (mp3 download)

Video Lesson

Facebook Temple

During our journey together, you’ll uncover...



The complex tapestry of rhythms we exist within and how they influence our daily life, emotional state, and energy levels.


Understanding the sacred wheel of life and how this powerful tool can help us work with the flow of the universe — not against it — for greater peace, flow and prosperity.


The outdated patterns and habits that drain our energy, deplete our spiritual reserves, and deny our natural rhythms (and how to release and heal them for greater alignment).


Moving beyond Maiden, Mother and Crone — how to expand our understanding of these archetypes, heal past traumas from a previous phase, and draw wisdom from your future self.


4 transformative journeys to help you travel within and meet your animal ally, your inner wise one, your teacher or guide, and your Womb goddess… even if you’ve never “journeyed” before.


How to harness lunar wisdom for enhanced fertility, creativity, and productivity.


Divine Timing — how to discern the perfect time of the day, month, and season to devote to different kinds of projects and expressions


A powerful daily practice to bring intention and meaning to your life (even if you’re short on time and have little people to look after!)


If you feel called, you’ll also have the tools and information you need to teach a form of this work yourself — whether that be in the form of a workshop, a women’s circle, a red tent etc. You’ll get an easy-to-follow teaching format to guide you, and lots of ideas, practices and processes to use in circle.

Plus so much more


“What I learnt was truly empowering…”

“What I learnt through the Moon Circe E Journey was truly empowering and has furthered me on my inward journey. Talulah shares this wisdom with such grace and presence, and gives from her heart.

Moon Circle is a wonderful personal development tool for anyone wanting to deepen their consciousness and understanding of who they are.”

Natalie Trusler


“Talulah’s Moon Circle has taught me how to get my creative visions out into the world every month by using the power of my cycle.”

The journaling exercises, the videos, the journeys…this is so much more than an online course and Talulah is there every step of the way to offer support and answer any questions.

Her videos are personal and practical, giving me the tools to actually integrate these lessons into my daily life, and her drum journeys are simply magical – I had never journeyed before and thought that it wouldn’t “work”, but thanks to Talulah’s instructions, I met my animal ally on my very first journey and learned so much from him.

Everything I’ve learned during Moon Circle made me think “wow, that makes so much sense, I wish I had known this years ago!” and I’m so grateful to be learning it, and to have such a beautiful teacher in Talulah – Moon Circle is truly a gift.”

Camille Davis


“I’ve found answers to questions that I’ve longed for my whole life… Moon Circle eJourney will change your life.”

“Moon Circle eJourney is an incredible offering from Talulah Gough, one of the most remarkable teachers I have ever worked with. It’s overflowing with Divine Feminine wisdom that holds the key to so much personal freedom.

I’ve found answers to questions that I’ve longed for my whole life & have connected with myself in ways that I didn’t know possible. I feel like I’ve come home…to knowledge, practices and wisdom that is making me whole again.

I am healing and shifting and expanding in so many ways, and not only is it changing my life and my work, it’s having a profound impact on my family.

Talulah has created an outstanding online experience and I believe from the bottom of my heart that all women need this wisdom. Connecting with this sacred space from the comfort of my home, when the time is right for me has made it even more powerful.

Moon Circle eJourney holds a wonderful opportunity for growth, understanding and inspiration that will change your life! So much gratitude.”

Lauren Falconer

Director of The LifePod, Creator of Spirit Birth

Discover the wisdom of your cycles and reconnect with the flow of life...

The journey begins September 2019.

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There’s a question that comes up for a lot of women before they enrol in the Moon Circle eJourney...


“But I’m so busy right now! Can I really fit this in on top of everything else?”

It’s a worthy question, and one deserving of exploration...


Friend, I know what it’s like to feel stretched too thin. Like there’s just no way you can take on *anything* else without hitting a breaking point… even when it’s something your soul is longing for.

What I know to be true (and what so many of our participants have reported after going through this journey themselves), is that these feelings of overwhelm are most heightened when you’re out of alignment with your own or with nature’s cycles…

That means that if you’re constantly feeling run off your feet, this work is even more important (and can have an even greater impact), because you’ll see such a difference in your day to day from even the tiniest of shifts.

It’s also worth pointing out: everything in this journey is designed to be as easily digested and implemented as possible.

I’m a mum of four, so I *know* what it’s like to have a calendar full of commitments and zero time to yourself.

That’s why I’ve designed this whole program to be as realistic and accessible as possible, so you can still experience results even if you’re pressed for time.

If that’s you, you’ll especially love the weekly Zoom calls...

Think of these as your “Cliff Notes” version of the work — if all you can manage is to listen to the replay each week (which goes for about an hour), you’ll still be getting all the tools and info you need to take action, make meaningful shifts, and feel a tangible difference in your day to day life.

And remember, you’ve got lifetime access to everything, so you can listen when you’ve got time, go at your own pace, and dip back in whenever you feel called.


Your Questions Answered...


The whole universe is powered by cycles...


The tides, the seasons, the stars, the moon, the animals, the plants… and yes, us.

When you start tuning in to these sacred ebbs and flows, you’ll be amazed by how quickly things can shift, and how everything about your life begins to feel more effortless, more aligned, and more abundant…

Join us today to unlock the power of your cycles and explore your innermost wisdom.

It’s a worthy question, and one deserving of exploration...

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