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Traditionally Winter is my writing time.. and that time is coming soon! Also, I have been not feeling the urge to write much because I do quite a lot of text on my Instagram posts! I love the brief format.. that’s how I write anyway. Briefly!

It suits my 4 day old moon energy.

My Natal phase, the phase of the moon on the day I was born.. Acting on inspiration immediately, addressing what is arrising in the moment. Then it’s done, and I move on very quickly.

My dances carry the essence of what it is I talk about in the posts.

I’ve done a few improvisation collaborations there too with dear friends, which I love.

But I’ve had a desire to create some beautiful scenes, with choreography, dancing in unison.. something I used to do all the time but moved away from when finishing working in dance and focusing on mothering and womens mysteries.

It takes some organisation, time, willing dancers, open to ideas, dancing for the fun of it and collaboration. Luckily I have some very special and talented friends, 25 year old friendships.

We trained together in dance full time for three years 25 years ago. We had so much fun together.. it was a dream life in many ways. It was also a very tough, we were teenagers, full of self doubt, comparisons, figuring out who we were and where we fit in this life in a very competitive environment.

To dance together again in unison was magic. I felt so different in myself, in fact I wasn’t thinking about myself at all.. I was totally present to the group, our energetic tentacles reaching out to each other, moving as one.

We loved creating these. We started with the outfit, then music, then scene and collaboratively created the dance. Rehearsed for about 10 minutes and filmed it 2 or 3 times each one. And yes, all the clothes are mine.. I have enough lovely clothes to dress us for about another 20 dances! Ooops!

There will be more to come when us 3 mama’s get more time together. I wanted to share them here in a little series. There are words with each one.

These amazing dancers, choreographers, mermaids and mama’s are Elizabeth Ryan and Kate Barber. And Elizabeth’s 12 week old baby Reuben joined us for the first dance, thanks for being amazing Reuben.

Thanks for playing with me! Can’t wait to do it again.



Talulah xx


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Here I share my offerings with you. All the forms that this work takes, and the many ways I express this in my life. The path of women’s mysteries teacher, mother, menstrual educator, doula, lover of birth, dance, music, the earth, magic and the gathering of Women. With this we bring beauty, we honour your journey, we make it sacred.

Talulah x





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