Dreaming the Spirit Weaving




The experience of Spirit Weavers is sinking in and distilling into my being. I’ve only been home for six days, and part of me feels to just let it soak in more, what happened there, what I felt and am feeling, and part of me wants to remember every part by recounting it in detail.
I’m ging to do something in between!
To express the depth of the relationships, trust and knowing that occurs in this short time together I will share that as soon as the names of the Weavers for the gathering were announced, a beautiful woman who attended the Medicine Doll and song circle last year, messaged Julia and I immediately and offered to host us for the Moon sessions gathering. Such a beautiful gift for us Australians travelling through space and time to attend. Morgan, thank you! We love you and you are our family.

Julia Inglis of Sacred Familiar, my sister of the water and I made this pilgrimage last year too. A journey of trust and learning as we went. Julia introduced me to the world of Spirit Weavers, I am forever grateful.
This year we had our groove on, partly knowing what to expect and open to all the new experiences. The landing was softened by meeting with our global sisters in the flesh again. I am amazed that our virtual connections translate so seamlessly in real life.

The land in Mendocino California, is Redwood country, ancient gentle giants blanket the ground below. This kind of forest is so different to the wild unruly bush in Australia, sweet little bird calls, gentle flowing river and soft rustling leaves high above. This forest brings peace and calm.


As the women gathered I had all my stuff come up. One of the scary parts for me is when each Weaver (instructor/teacher) gets up in front of all the women and has 20 seconds to say what her workshop is, where it will be and where to sign up. My first resistance to this is that I could never express in 20 seconds what happens in a Moon Circle, without saying.. “this workshop will change your life, every woman needs to know this information, don’t miss it”!! I don’t know why i don’t feel I can say that, but I don’t. So I had to rehearse something that explained it as succinctly as possible, with coaching from Julia! Thank you for believing in me and my work Julia.
The Songs of Sacred Circle for some reason is easier for me to explain and I didn’t have much issue with.
So I got up and did my 20 seconds and felt fine. The next part is more difficult.. the hardest and most familiar feeling of my sacred wound.. I feel like this may sound a bit dramatic and over the top because it’s actually no big deal, but in my experience it was traumatic!
I really know it is not that the process is flawed, or wrong, it is purely my instinctual, habitual imprint that makes it this way for me, that, I make it this way for me.
We go and stand at our section and wait for people to come sign up for our classes.
So I wait, and no one comes, or people come and ask where something else is, and some divine women sign up and I am so grateful!
Believe me, I know, each circle that shows up is the perfect circle. And they were. Perfect.
I just wanted to share this part, because, wherever I go, here I am, same stuff, different environment. How I am with it and grow with it is important. I am always grateful for another lesson in trust and to not indulge the imprint that tells me, no one will come, you are not acceptable.
They came and it was so awesome!

Once the work began, with 4 circles, I found my bliss. It is the work I love, I thrive and grow and blossom in the circle, as does each woman that shows up and shares her story. The energy I feel in these circles fuels, feeds and nourishes me. My cup is filled and I am renewed. Not really the kind of reputation ‘work’ has, I am truly blessed that my work sustains me in this way. As I can see also in the other sisters that shared their passion as Weavers.

My belief in Moon Circle has exploded, I am almost ready to say out loud.. “this work will change your life, every woman needs to know this, come”!!
Maybe next year.. and just here for now.

I am filled with inspiration for next year already with a growing group of dear sisters to see again and share with, and new ideas for what I wish to offer.

I had a dream 3 years ago, that I went to Julia Inglis’s Magdalene Circle, and it was held in a huge stadium filled with thousands of people. I was walking with her and people were crowding around trying to talk to her. I took it as a sign to go to her Magdalene Circle in real life, and it was amazing, I was meant to be there.
Well, that dream is kind of what it’s like hanging with Julia at Spirit Weavers. She is a rock star of the fairy realm. Her medicine doll circles call so loudly to women, we connect deeply with the magical capacity of making and carrying our own dolls, and the Swan Blessing is a gift, held so beautifully by Julia.
We travel well together my sister, thank you for the fun, the shenanigans, the joy, the understanding and holding.


I want to mention all the magical women who I reconnected with there and the new ones I met, but for fear of missing someone out I won’t, every woman there contributed to the magic created at Moon Sessions. It was so special to meet women I have only known online and love them instantly and to feel my band of sisters from around the globe on the same sacred ground. Thank you.
So many beautiful moments, meal times on the lawn, the dance party on the last night, the amazing Cacao ceremony, the market place meetings and hangs (and shopping), our little cabin gatherings, quiet moments of connection with my sisters, the intimacy of our circles, song and dance in the Redwoods… it all feels like a dream right now.

To dear Mea, the dreamer and visionary of this gathering.. Thank you, for all you do, and how you do it. Integrity, love and grace carry you and the gathering, and the women who journey to immerse in the healing that happens in the Redwoods. Rest well now beautiful weaver.

We will return and until then my world is a more magical place for all we shared.




Talulah x


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Here I share my offerings with you. All the forms that this work takes, and the many ways I express this in my life. The path of women’s mysteries teacher, mother, menstrual educator, doula, lover of birth, dance, music, the earth, magic and the gathering of Women. With this we bring beauty, we honour your journey, we make it sacred.

Talulah x





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