Are you longing to be part of a powerful & supportive community of women

That allows you to thrive spiritually and emotionally,

That’s rich with connection, wisdom and fiesty femininity,

And that gives you that indescribable feeling of being *home*?

Stop waiting for the perfect circle

Start your own


Women have always fed their primal need for connection by coming together in circle...

These ancient gatherings were the one place where our foremothers were free from the yoke of expectations, where their spirits could roam untamed, and where they could reconnect with their instinctual nature.

Times may have changed since then, but we haven’t.

So many of us still crave those same things. So many of us still hunger for that spiritual nourishment. And if you have this kind of longing too, there’s a simple and powerful solution: can start your OWN circle.

Of course, the idea of starting your own women’s circle can bring up a whole lot of ‘stuff’


“But I don’t know how to start a circle, let alone run one regularly…”

“But I’m worried I’ll feel awkward and won’t know what to say…”

“But who am I to start a circle? What if people think I’m crazy?!”

And on top of these worries, the thought of having to find the time and mental bandwidth to get everything organised, manage the logistics, and figure out what to actually *do* at your gathering, can seem overwhelming…

But what if there was an easier way?

A way that eliminated all the guessing and stressing. That simplified all the “setup stuff”, with the hard work already done for you… And that showed you EXACTLY how to invite people, hold space for them, run your gathering, and create a magical experience for your sisters...


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The comprehensive guide to starting and nurturing a thriving women’s circle


Whether you’re looking to start a circle for two, twenty-two, or even more, this beautiful guide gives you everything you need to call forth and hold space for a group of women to grow, explore, learn, heal, thrive, connect, and *be*….

… even if you’ve never done something like this before, and aren’t sure where to begin.

Inside you’ll find



Outlines for 6 different types of circles that provide a beautiful sacred structure for your gathering, while still allowing plenty of room for flexibility (including complete plans for your first circle, a womb journey, a dark moon ceremony and an animal ally journey)


Copy-and-paste invitation text for both open groups (where anyone can show up) and closed groups (where it’s the same group of women each time)


Housekeeping guidelines to ensure the safety and sanctity of your group, and to embed the understanding that everything shared is held with the highest respect and confidentiality


Scripts and run-sheets for each type of circle — including an opening invocation, mid-point check in, and a closing blessing (super helpful if you’re not used to leading a group, or are worried about what to say)


How to set the mood for your participants by creating a sacred space, cleansing the energy, and setting an intention


Done-for-you question prompts to spark self-discovery, encourage soulful sharing, and promote the sharing of vital wisdom


Powerful techniques to encourage presence and ensure that everyone is offered space to share their thoughts (SO important for creating an inclusive dynamic for the group)


Easy-to-follow instructions for sacred craft activities that are fun, inexpensive, and allow your participants to express themselves creatively


What next? Tips for continuing your group’s spiritual journey — so you’ll never run out of ideas, and so your circle can continue to deepen their connection to themselves, each other, and the natural world.

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You might be wondering: Who am *I* to be teaching people about women’s circles?

Hi! I’m Talulah

The woman behind Making Sacred.

When I’m not hanging with my kids or doing the school run, sneaking in an episode of Rupaul’s Drag Race (don’t judge me!), dancing in my lounge room, or kicking back with my husband talking sustainable living… you’ll find me holding space for women.

In one form or another, that’s what all my work is about — whether it’s as a doula in a birthing suite, as a mentor on a Skype call, or as a facilitator in a Blessing Ceremony… It all comes back to holding space for our feminine souls to be seen, heard, held, supported and understood.

As part of this work, I’ve been participating in and holding circles for 25 years.

Over two and a half decades, you learn a LOT about what differentiates a wonderful, enriching, fulfilling circle from a… well, a crappy one.

So it’s safe to say, after all this time and practice, I know what works… and what doesn’t.

I know how to adjust a gathering based on the women present, how to hold space for others without depleting my own, how to delegate tasks when I need help, what to do when things don’t go as planned, and how to create an experience that has everyone walking away shaking their heads in wonder, souls full to the brim, and asking themselves —

“How have I gotten this far in my life without ever feeling a connection like *this*?”

I’m sharing all of these insights (and so much more) in Calling The Circle, so you can feel confident to bring together a group of women to explore and celebrate the wild, fierce, fertile feminine spirit, in all its glorious contradiction...


Holding space for others is a sacred act.


Let’s face it: for most people, even just *showing up* is really hard...

So committing to showing up for yourself and others in this way is a beautiful act of spiritual service, in and of itself.

Calling The Circle is here to help make that act as simple and stress-free as possible, with all the hard work and logistics done for you...

Which means you can get back to focusing on the stuff that stirs your soul, and that made you want to start your own circle in the first place — like connection, healing, transformation, exploration, all of it.

(And don’t forget, with instant access to all the materials, you can be diving into your next stage of spiritual evolution within a matter of minutes…)

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Get Instant Access

  • Download link delivered to your inbox in minutes
  • Lifetime access
  • 14-day money-back guarantee

As soon as your payment has cleared (which may take up to 5-10 minutes), you’ll receive an email from us containing your special link to access the guide — so you can be planning your sacred celebration within a matter of minutes.

Any questions? Contact us at


“Talulah has a tremendous capacity to hold space for others…”

“I have had the absolute privilege to participate in several of Talulah’s circles. Talulah has a tremendous capacity to hold space with a perfect balance of ease, empathy, intuition and support.

Talulah has a wonderful mix of of complementary skills which makes her an excellent facilitator. She pays attention to detail, is organised and professional. She conducts herself with integrity and authenticity and this combined with her immense knowledge ensures her rightful place as a true wisdom keeper.

I am very careful about who and what I recommend, and I wholeheartedly recommend any service Talulah offers without reservation.”

Georgie, Pottsville NSW

“Talulah makes it easy to do deep, healing work.”

“Talulah, you are one of my most treasured teachers because of how you bring your creativity and wisdom into your work.

In our circles I’ve always appreciated how grounded you are and how easy it is to do deep, healing work because of the safe, supportive space you create. Thanks for sharing your magic in a way that is real, Earthy and accessible to everyone.”

Anne, Brisbane, QLD

“I was able to finally feel at home in myself.”

“Talulah’s experience and grace in holding space allows you to sink comfortably into the in-between, knowing you are held with nurturing kindness and strength. Effortlessly flowing, her facilitation and organization is natural and elegantly seamless.

Talulah’s circles are grounded, connected and receptive. With her finesse and sparkle Talulah weaves a safe container where I felt complete acceptance of all of me and was able to finally feel at home in myself.”

Bel, Canberra


Let’s make it sacred.

It’s how we’re wired. It’s how we grow. It’s how we feed that part of ourselves that can only be sated through rich, real, raw sisterhood.


And in case you need reminding, you are so much more powerful than you realise —

You can give yourself the connection you crave.
You can gift it to the women around you.
You can hold space for ALL of you to reconnect with your wild, instinctual feminine power.

… and it all starts with

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