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Is there a girl in your life on the brink of


Discover the rituals to make her first period an empowering experience

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The ultimate guide to celebrating a Maiden’s first moon with joy, magic and love

Real talk


what was it like when you got
your first period?


Maybe you were blessed with a wonderful welcome at your menarche, and want to continue this tradition with the special Maiden in your life...

Or maybe, for you, this sacred passage into womanhood was a time of confusion and embarrassment, sometimes even shame.

Perhaps you were inundated with war stories and tales of trauma, setting you up for a lifetime of resenting ‘that time of the month’...

Or perhaps you were given a clinical rundown of what was happening to your body, with no mention of what it meant on a spiritual level...

Or maybe, it simply wasn’t talked about at all — you were greeted with silence, a box of pads, and the tacit agreement that this was *not* a topic for polite conversation...

Do you want to give the Maiden in your life a beautiful experience at her menarche?


Discover how to welcome her into womanhood

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This beautiful guide gives you three unique ways to celebrate your Maiden’s menarche, depending on what she’s most comfortable with: a group gathering, a ceremony for two, or — if she’s not one for fuss — a lovely way for her to celebrate solo...


Inside you’ll find



Language and stories to help you talk to her about what this transition means with ease and grace — even if you’re prone to awkwardness or don’t know what to say.


Guidelines on how to make this a time of joy and celebration (and how to sidestep the typical social programming of shame and embarrassment ).


EVERYTHING you need to host a soulful celebration of any size — including done-for-you invites, instructions for your guests, how to set up the space, what to say during the ceremony, and how to make your Maiden (or Maidens) feel special on the day.


How to empower your Maiden to respect and honour her own cycle… not fear it.


A gorgeous printable chart to teach her about the rhythms of her body, the parallels in nature, and the ebbs and flows she may experience throughout the month.


Beautiful gift ideas to create a sacred ‘moon time pack’ she’ll treasure for years to come.

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The journey into womanhood is one of the most profound transitions a young girl will ever experience...


Let’s make it sacred.

If there’s a special Maiden in your life who has started menstruating, or who’s fast approaching this precious milestone, grab your copy now so you can be ready to greet her with wise words and open arms when she needs you most.

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