a blessing the Mother for 2


Photo by Jerusha SuttonI made the Blessing the Mother eguide for groups, but I was asked how to do a Mother Blessing ceremony just for 2 women.

I sent her some ideas and thought others out there might like this too, so here’s a little ceremony you could do for 2.
?make her a flower garland to wear during your ceremony, crowning her in her transition from Maiden to Mother (or mother of 2 etc)
?create sacred space by lighting a mother candle, speaking your intention for the gathering. She can then place it on her birth altar and light it during labour or in the days leading up to birthing
?Light a tea light each and speak your names and call yourselves present, saying,
‘I am … daughter of ….. grand daughter of ….. great grand daughter of… mother of… etc…’
Then she does the same
?Write out a blessing on a card for her before your circle, and bring to read it out to her, also bring a special bead to thread on a string/thin fishing line.

Then you could have a bowl of beads, with each one you and she thread you can speak a word of blessing for the birth and mothering- trust, surrender, peace etc.. then she will have a birthing necklace to wear during her birth or to have near by. Give her an opportunity to speak while wearing her new necklace.. anything she might like to express.
? Together you could build a little birthing altar for her, out of precious things from nature and anything she wants to place on there.. a place for her to connect each day till baby arrives.

? Offer her a warm foot and hand bath with flower petals in it, and a gentle massage with oils on her feet and hands
?wrap a piece of yarn about yours and her wrist or ankle, that connects you till baby is here.. put all your wishes in there for a beautiful birth and break it or cut and tie off. Wear until she says she’s ready to take them off. If they break off thats ok, put it on your altar till the baby arrives.
?have a small feast and tea to share after

?These are just ideas ?You could do some craft too like Goddess Eyes or prayer flags.

That is a lot for an intimate ceremony for two, so choose what you think will work for her. Ask her what she would be comfortable with or what she wants, maybe she has some ideas.

You don’t need a big circle of women to honour the Mother, a circle of two is sometimes perfect.



You can buy the full Blessing the Mother e-guide here for just $22 AUD (approx $16 USD)



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Here I share my offerings with you. All the forms that this work takes, and the many ways I express this in my life. The path of women’s mysteries teacher, mother, menstrual educator, doula, lover of birth, dance, music, the earth, magic and the gathering of Women. With this we bring beauty, we honour your journey, we make it sacred.

Talulah x





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