Moon Circle for Mothers and Maidens

A coming of age circle for Maidens (9-13 yrs) and their Mothers. This 3-4 hour workshop shares the magic and mysteries of the menstrual cycle for girls as they are stepping through this rite of passage. We bring positivity and sacredness to this circle, and it offers support, knowledge and gentle healing for Mothers as well. We learn about the wisdom of the cycles, what connects us as Women and how we are all a part of the Earth.

This is a beautiful circle to share with a class or group of special friends, so that they have a dialogue and support system among their peers as they experience this amazing transformation.

Moon Circle for Maidens

A circle for Maiden’s once they have begun menstruation (14-18 yrs) where we go deeply into the Wisdom of the Cycles, the menstrual cycle, Lunar cycle, anatomy, sanitary products, fertility and contraception. This space is for the Maiden’s to ask questions, guide the discussion to what is important to them, and share their experiences of growing into Womanhood.

This is a special workshop to share with Maiden’s in the same class or peer group and goes for 3-4 hrs depending on size of the group.

Moon Circle for Women

This beautiful workshop is a healing and informative space for Women to learn about the Women’s Mysteries, the Wisdom of the Cycles and connecting to the Earth. We share our experiences of being a Woman, menstruation and what we’ve learned. We also learn about what’s next.. the next great rite of passage for Women. Each Moon Circle for Women is different, with the women that show up bringing the perfect wisdom for their group.

Moon Circle for Women is perfect for any gathering of women. Among friends or friends we haven’t met yet, the magic happens.

Medicine Drum Making Workshop

To make a Medicine Drum is to birth a sacred

healing tool, connecting the body, spirit and Earth.

A Shamanic experience of healing your own birth

through ceremony, connection and creation of your drum with a circle of Women.

This is a whole day workshop, with the option of coming the evening before to cut your hide as well. We use precious materials to make a drum that will last your lifetime and beyond.

Talulah holds these workshops in Sydney and interstate by request.

Songs of Sacred Circle

In this workshop Talulah shares many ancient songs from around the world, joining our voices together to do a magical working. The intention of our work will be to bring healing to the Earth and give energy back to the land with our song. Every voice has a healing vibration, together we create magic by singing the songs of our ancestors, calling up their powerful ancient wisdom. The climax of the ritual is a voice sound bath for all women in the circle. We will weave our magic and intentions into a Goddess Eye. This healing work is for all our relations.

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