Private Shamanic Womancraft Sessions

In person or via Skype

The sessions I offer are primarily focused around life transitions, healing from trauma, fertility, pregnancy and birth.

We tap into the well of wisdom that is within you to support you on your path.

It is great to come to a session with specific issues, or just come and see what arises.

Shamanic Womancraft Sessions can be helpful for healing from birth trauma, healing from past experiences, fertility issues, pregnancy complications, loss, connecting with your baby, releasing fears, considering becoming a Mother, meeting your guides and Totems, preparation for giving birth, transitioning life phases and seeking clarity around any issue in a Woman’s life.

Sessions are in my home or in yours if you are in Sydney metro area and would prefer it. Or we can do it via Skype session if you are not local.

Here’s a lovely testimonial from Elizabeth..

“Talulah held me in a shamanic womancraft session when I was 20 weeks pregnant with my baby boy Ryder. The journey took me to a place where I was able to connect with my baby and open a beautiful communication with him as he was growing in the womb. Talulah’s gentle but powerful and insightful facilitation created a profound journey that enabled me to deeply process and transform my connection to my baby, birth and motherhood. A precious blessing for myself and Ryder.”


Contact Talulah to enquire or book a Shamanic Womancraft session


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