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Medicine Drum Making Workshop



Dear Wonderful and Magical Talulah,

Thank you so much for yesterday. I am so surprised at just how much I loved yesterday’s workshop. Correlating my birth story and my process was joyous and and I feel a deeper acceptance of who I am.

I wanted to thank you so much for allowing me to be apart of yesterday’s workshop, mothering and caring for my hide. Thank you for the effort you put into cutting my sinew. Using the sinew kept me aware and conscious that this was once a living creature, and I kept giving thanks to the animal during my making. It allowed for a respectful deep connection. Thank you so much. You are truly amazing.

My Mother Drum is the first of many to grace my home.

Much love Cecelia Xx


“The instructions are before you – everything you need to know is in those pages, go and make your drum” I hear my Sistar say …I chose my hide from, or it chose me. It looked so velvety and soft – like the inside of my womb. I set forth with my frame and hide, it was eerily quiet sitting on the green grass of Talulah’s split level back yard. A gorgeous warm, sunny day that threatened to dry out my sinew and moon soaked deer skin. 

I turned the hide over and turned it over again … inside out it was to be! But I stalled … where do I start? It seemed as if the chatter of nature had stopped talking, stillness had fallen and the world was holding its breath, waiting for the first thread. I was overwhelmed, such simple directions were confusing me – where was halfway in the sinew, I wondered.

Confusion spread through my body and I faltered, my nerves crackled … how can I do this? Slowly I started threading the sinew into opposing holes and ever so slowly my confidence returned. I heard the leaves in the trees rustling again and smelt the strong pervasive muskiness of the animal. It felt slippery, stretchy and fragile. I was scared! My threading, twisting, pulling and tightening became assured and a rhythm developed until SNAP! The sinew broke – I was panicked, devastated – what could this mean?Breathe ……. Michelle……. Breathe “Tie the sinew together – a double knot” suggests Talulah. And again I found my rhythm. Threading, twisting, pulling and tightening. Time and time again the sinew snapped and I saw my life’s journey reflected in this animal who gave its life to me. Down, down, down I was drawn by the snap and pulled up again as I repaired the breaks. So much effort to slowly, carefully weave my life into this beautiful drum. I realised no matter what happened my drum would be perfect and it would work. It broke, it was repaired and I loved it. It is completely me: inside out, lovingly made, meticulously cared for and lots of work in the process. 

For the process made my drum and the process is what I am today. I heard the kookaburra sing and the buzz of the insects shimmered like heat rising off hot ground; and I smelt the animal. I am one of nature’s children.

Thank You Talulah for a wonderful workshop.”



tesimonial-making-sacred-jessieI knew I wouldn’t just be making a drum and I knew the process had something to do with unravelling my birth journey but I wasn’t sure what to expect. Sitting in circle and connecting with self spirit and the other women was a given and I was eagerly anticipating this workshop if only for the space and permission the check out of the profane.

In telling my stories of my birth menarche and giving birth, common threads revealed themselves. The stories I thought were my stories were re-woven with this deeper understanding into a rich and complex tapestry that revealed my creative process and long held patterns in thought and behaviour. Talulah’s advice was to listen to what came up as I made my drum. It was very obvious, and almost made me giggle. Those same thoughts and behaviours were playing out as I wove. I noticed them, acknowledged them and then kept going without acting out in the way I am so used to.

It was uncomfortable but soon very freeing. I had to trust my inner judgement. The constant seeking for external validation which has been one of the threads in my tapestry was n’t going to be ok today. I had to trust myself and be my own validation. Again Talulah intuitively protected and nurtured this process. I came away with a drum so beautiful. She ‘looks’ like me and I am so proud of her. She is a tool for growth and healing and this is woven into her very being. The concept of creating a physical object as an artefact to elicit deeper self-understanding was very powerful.

Thank you



I came to this drumming workshop with very little knowledge of drums and drumming all together and it has had such a profound effect on me. I loved the day and I loved the work with our own births. At the time I didn’t feel like I had had a really big insight from the work we did, but often the small insights and understandings have the biggest impacts. I still haven’t managed to do much drumming, but I do look at my drum with lots of love and I think about my new perspective and new learning every day!!!! It will take a little while for the changes to really manifest in my life, as I am still in my baby labyrinth, but my head has changed, my perspectives and maybe even my values. Thank you Talulah


tesimonial-making-sacred-RachelMaking my drum was a deeply powerful experience on many levels. It was lovely to reflect inwards, nurtured by the company of women and to work with my hands and heart to create. At times it was challenging and the space held by Talulah and the group allowed unravelling to happen and insights to be explored. The process resulted in a beautiful drum, a better understanding of myself, and the beginning of a journey into drumming. I am grateful for this experience, and for the women who shared the journey.

Love Rachel



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