making space – collaborations



I dance in nature, all over the world, sometimes I call others to join me, sometimes others call me to join them.

This place is to share what we create in synchronicity.

Moving in harmony with the environment.

Making spaces, hold a special magic for a moment, remembered on film.

Sometimes the collaboration is with the environment, sometimes a film maker, and mostly other bodies.


This film was shot in collaboration with Bibi and Evan @sacredselfsacredsource, in this incredible location in the Blue Mountains.

Improvised in the moment, a communication with the land and elements.

Who am I here?


I had a vision of gathering with people from my community

Not necessarily dancers, but those that wanted to move together in synchronicity

This was our first meeting, we practiced my choreography from a video tutorial and came together to see what would happen

We spent about 45 minutes together early one summer morning

It feels like ghostly sisters emerging from scene like Picnic at Hanging Rock



There are more exciting collaborations coming up, and I want to do more

and more artistic collaborations in the future.

Opening up this space for the visions to grow.