Elements of Alchemy

Elements of Alchemy
I shared a magical day in the Blue Mountains with two people I’d never met before, working in a medium I’d never worked in! We all surrendered into a process of creating what wanted to be made. Bibi Baker-Predeaux and Evan Williams of Oceans & Starshine are two of the most wondrous humans I have had the pleasure to meet and work with. Together we created Elements of Alchemy. An 8mm film, unedited, unplanned, improvised creation that combined so many elements that just worked together to make a story over one day. Thus the name- Elements of Alchemy. Read Bibi’s words below that describe the process and the meaning of this work, and see a selection of her stunning film photographs in the link below the film. Then set aside 30 minutes to watch this elemental sound and visual meditation, darken the room, turn the sound up and be transported.
Love Talulah x






Art is All that we are and All that we See.
Magic is everywhere, internally and externally.


Quite simply, accessibility to these sacred spaces depends on what lens we choose to see this Universe through. There are many lenses available to us, it is our intentional choices of which one to use that what will ultimately set us free and propel us closer to witnessing the depth of essence that roars from our truest and purest places.

When captivated by the rawness of reality there is nothing that needs editing or manipulating. Instead we begin to redefine our ideas of perfection and bloom into a liberated space of surrender and trust, where the momentum to explore, move, heal, evolve, imagine and expand become rapidly within reach. By choosing this lens, a lens of awe and reverence, the beauty and magic that lives within and around us becomes activated and alive.

This natural lens stems from the heart, it is one of love, curiosity, acceptance, admiration and appreciation, for all that is within us and before us. From this soft hearted way of seeing Oceans∞Starshine began to visualise mountains where these sentiments could soar wildly. From this inspired space we felt pulled to bring a vision that had been stirring within us to honour the unique beauty of another and their medicine. The allure, mystery and power of Talulah’s dancing came to heart. We reached out to her and invited her co-create with us.


Elements of Alchemy was born.




We had never spoken in person. We held an online appreciation for each other’s offerings, although still strangers in the flesh until we crossed into new territory and fulfilled a simple calling to create beautiful art; in real time, eyes locked, voices heard, visions met and bodies honoured.

After two or three emails to organise the logistics of a collaboration, the location of the Blue Mountains/Australia was set, and a date and time scheduled. Within a couple of weeks we found ourselves driving along a gravel road to meet Talulah for the first time, on the most vibrant and gorgeous morning, with no set plans or pre-set expectations. We wondered what the day would have in store. We trusted in the magic, with slight smirks of excitement on our faces, as we believed whole heatedly that something quite special was in due course. And so it was, a day of five worlds in one! We all hugged for the very first time and a most enchanting excursion into the elements begun.
Just like that!


With our backpacks and woven baskets filled to the brim with film cameras and Talulah’s dreamy silky, earthy and colourful adornments we were set to take our first steps along a dirt trail through some quintessential native Australian bush land to a nook we envisioned starting the day at. A gentle, pastel skied horizon set among gum trees that looked out into the mountains allowed us to all gently ease into the day with laughter and joy.


When we arrived at the very first rocky platform that resonated most, on a ridge caressing the softest valley of trees, a stillness, spacious surrender and synchronistic melody came over us. The breeze awoke our senses and Talulah began to dance her way through worlds within worlds.

The three of us moved Universally. Evan with his Super 8mm camera, me with my 35mm camera and Talulah with her incredible spirit. The elements of earth, air, fire, water and aether were boldly awake in each chapter of our adventure, forces that were converging with our own individual elemental bodies. The experiential co-creation our unique beings were participating in became a greater cosmic dance; a collaboration of three essences, moving together through artistic visions, to create one larger masterpiece.


Earth: our solid foundation 
Air: emitting new visions and clear communication 
Fire: enriched transformation and full creative power
Water: a pure, flowing and cleansing transmission 
Aether: our unified, unlimited and infinite dreaming


At the beginning of the first dance we explained very briefly to Talulah how the Super 8mm camera worked, and in our simplest terms “what flows is what goes!” In other words there was only one take, one chance, one container that we would flow forth from. We would not edit the footage as we believed that exactly what flowed would be absolutely mesmerising, because it was reality, and the reality we saw was intriguing, inspiring and beautiful. The best cue we would give Talulah was to listen out for the trigger of the Super 8 camera and the noise it made as the film was rolling to indicate it was going.

The rest was improvisation and trust.

Talulah embraced these intentions through the layers of new terrain we explored with absolute grace, strength, wonder and profound magnitude. Her improvised dances lived up to all that we had glimpsed online, in fact they went beyond anything we could have anticipated. Witnessing the way Talulah was able to tap into the surrounds and improvise each elemental dance was breath taking, especially as there was no immediate play back to see even slightly what had or was unfolding. In fact it would be months before Talulah would get to see anything that was created at all, as the films would be mailed interstate for development. ​Instead of seeing a playback, Talulah intuitively felt her way through the realms with all senses in action, dancing barefoot in icy mountain water, thick sand past her ankles, on cliff edges, in huge winds and on scorching hot rocks!







The extent to which we planned was minimal and simply consisted of  spending some time in the weeks leading up to meeting Talulah connecting with the lands in which we lived and visualising the dream spaces that were calling us forth to create from. Talulah had never been to any of the five different backdrops we explored and the day of filming was her first introduction to what became her living stages to dance from.

​The diversity of the world’s we ventured became a breathing canvas for Talulah to express herself from and encapsulated the wild elements of this vast and diverse earth we live. The aliveness of the natural world and the way in which it melds with us, plays with us and expresses itself through us was so evident in the expression between Self and Source that translated through Talulah’s dancing. This connection opened windows into whole new worlds, ones that had never been shaped, seen or captured before.








The entire day was like an extended exploratory dance, between Talulah’s captivating movements, Evan and I, and our optical tools, all working together to map the revelations before our eyes. Each of our Selves united uniquely and alchemised to create a rainbow of transcendence that stilled time and limitation to expand imagination and capability. An offering grew that matched the most eye catching rainbow necklace laced so delicately across Talulah’s neck, this colourful jewel catching our eyes many times, as though glistening with happiness and encouragement. ​​

Beyond the rainbow bridge was other reflective symbolism that struck our eyes.

Flannel Flowers were spotted in full bloom on the early morning trails we wandered. Their striking presence was so appreciated, acting as a loving reminder to be open and strong in our feelings, trust in the process of creation and take joy and ease in the physical veils of expression we were parting and being newly acquainted with.

Later in the day as Talulah walked ahead of us on a forest path, she suddenly stopped as her attention was drawn to a baby snake slithering through the leaves covering the path. We were all mesmerised by this small creature. Such a fitting animal totem for this extra-ordinary day, especially as Talulah had the most striking small snake tattooed on her forearm.







Each sacred capsule we entered was like weaving a whole new dream, one after another, stepping forward into terrains never travelled before.

​As much as this was a collaboration, we also felt like witnesses to a greater co-creation between woman and earth. Talulah’s body melded like a dragon fly soaring the skies, tracing its own unique patterning into being. An expression of wings to arms, legs to bridges, body as anchor. A treat for artistic eyes, all eyes, this was the grandest most authentic live show we have ever attended and participated.

One of the most profound perspectives that we came away with, was the power of non-verbal creation, a formula largely based on intuition, trust, surrender, belief in ourselves and each other and a belief in forces greater than the eye can see. An amazing message came through around less telling and more being, less thinking and more feeling, less expertise and more experimentation, less planning and more participating.



With these sentiments in mind we invite you to share in the experiential journey that is
​Elements of Alchemy


Please set aside some quiet sacred space to take this Super 8mm film journey in full. Allow yourself to sink deeply into the heart opening vocals and sound of the honourary Jane Elworthy.  

May you be held in wholesome love as you enter the realms of elemental dance, improvisation, unedited creation, experiential magic and conscious devotion to natural beauty.
May you feel transformed and touched.
May your perspectives widen with inspired eyes.







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