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Moon Magic.. a re-menarche story

  This year I started teaching Moon Circle for women. I say in the flyer for it “Learn everything you wish you had been told as a girl” So many women heard the call and squeezed into my little workshop room, such a great…

September 9, 2015
Birth Healings Health

You have the birth you have….

  Of all the experiences of my life, giving birth was the most transformational. I remember thinking during my first labour.. “Why didn’t anyone tell me”? But thinking now what I wish someone would have told me.. I can’t really say.. There are no…

July 7, 2015

Making Sacred all over the World..

  This time last year I made a post about making sacred all over the East Coast of Australia.. twelve months later it is a whole new world of horizons and timezones. I had my Lilith astrology done again last year by Mikailah as I…

June 19, 2015
Birth Healings Health Workshops

Home for the Winter..

  I am finally unpacking my suitcase for real, properly, for the whole Winter.. This year has been a big whirlwind of wonderful gatherings where I have stretched myself physically and spiritually, more than I ever have before. I realise now that it has…

June 5, 2015

Moon Circle for Women- and other Dreamings..

(Dancing as the Water Priestess at the Goddess Conference 2014) photograph Wyld Ways My blog writing has been quiet lately, but my life is not! I am happily working a lot, all things that I love.. Mother, Dancer, Singer, Drummer and Shamanic Midwife! Blessed…

November 7, 2014

Disease and Healing- Motherhood as messenger

  I started writing a blog post about this.. and then I thought, my dear sister Adriana from Red talk’s has been asking for submissions. So, this topic, I know inside and out through my experience of living with Arthritis. This, I could talk…

July 8, 2014

Moon Circle sharings…

I taught a Moon Circle on the weekend, a gathering for Mothers and their Daughters about to enter puberty. This group was very special, because I have known most of the Mum’s and Maiden’s for many years. It was a big group and I…

May 20, 2014

Making Sacred all over the East Coast!

Since February I have been traveling from my home to attend so many wonderful gatherings.. spreading my wings wider and flying further than I have before. I have spent many weekends away from my family, which has been difficult, but I have amazing support…

April 16, 2014
Birth Healings Health

Living with our Sacred Wound

Our sacred wound is a very significant event in our lives, something traumatic, painful or deep… the memory of which informs your instinctual reactions and behaviours from that point onward. I learned about my sacred wound during my apprenticeship of the Four Seasons Journey..…

October 26, 2013
Birth Health Workshops

Passage to Motherhood experience

I have returned home from a wonderful week at the Passage to Motherhood Conference at the Gold Coast… I listened to many inspiring people, learnt so much and had a great time presenting my first conference paper. The strongest message I left with and…

May 20, 2013

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