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In unison again

  Traditionally Winter is my writing time.. and that time is coming soon! Also, I have been not feeling the urge to write much because I do quite a lot of text on my Instagram posts! I love the brief format.. that’s how I…

March 15, 2017
Birth e-Journeys Workshops

Blessing the Mother and other offerings

I’ve created a simple guide to holding a Mother Blessing Ceremony that is now available in my shop at I get emails all the time asking for ideas on how to hold a Blessing Way, so to save myself some time and make…

October 30, 2016
Birth Healings Health Workshops

on the path to wilderness solo

For 2 years the women in the circle of the Eight Seasons Journey have been anticipating this time. We are three weeks away from our Wilderness Solo. We will spend eight days out in the wilderness together, and in the middle of that, the…

September 23, 2016

my friend, my sister

We got a chance to dance on Monday, without children.. this use to happen all the time, this is how we met.. but now, blessed be, we are usually surrounded by our tribe of little ones. This moment flooded me with memories of all…

September 14, 2016
Healings Health

pain as teacher, nature as healer

As some of you know from my Instagram posts, I broke my coccyx nearly 4 weeks ago. At the time I was extremely annoyed that such a silly accident could hold me up like this.. I’ve got stuff to do! So much stuff! I…

September 2, 2016

Moon Circle e-Journey gift

A gorgeous tribe of women are in our Moon Circle e-Journey now. As a gift and encouraging bonus I am offering a free one hour Private Shamanic Womancraft session via Skype with me, Talulah, for the first 50 women who complete all four chapters.…

August 29, 2016
Birth Healings Workshops

Is it ok for me to make a medicine drum?

I had a really excellent question from someone who is interested in my medicine drum making workshop. (next week.. details here) I haven’t been asked it before, but thought it was very sensitive and thoughtful, and I appreciated it. It’s surprising I haven’t addressed…

August 18, 2016
Birth Healings Health

the holding of the birth keeper

I wanted to send love to the birth keepers today. The midwives and doula’s.  It is huge what you hold. I honour you and take a deep breath in appreciation of the sacred work you do. So many of my friends are doula’s and…

August 12, 2016
Birth Healings

Birth reflections six years on

I am deep in the remembering of my fourth baby’s birth which happened six years ago today. On the magical day of 8:8. I was writing to a friend and these words surfaced after she asked  for any words about birth stories, and then…

August 8, 2016

to shake off my wintery ways..

When this time of year hits I can actually stop still and not want to move ever again.. I feel cold and stuck and all is overwhelming.. mess piles up, it all feels too hard, my mood is dark. I get a bit like..…

July 26, 2016

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