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May 1, 2017

I was asked by my dear friend Meagan, from Whole Family Rhythms to do an interview on our family rhythm for her blog series Real Mothers Real Voices.

I loved the process, and really made me look at how we were doing this family thing. I also reassessed how it was all working for us.

Such a great process, I encourage you to ask yourself, your partner, your kids what your core values are in your life. We can so easily ride through life doing what needs to be done, without bringing consciousness to the many moments that are shaping our children and our selves in every day and the big picture of it all.

I’m still working it all out, and it is ever evolving as the kids grow.

And re reading this makes me realise again how I long for the village. What we do is a lot, holding it all together. We are very fortunate with our school community, but the rest is up to us, this family unit of 6.

Thanks Meagan, loved it, can’t wait to read the rest of the series. Follow Meagan @wholefamilyrhythms to have a look into her life in rural Canada with her husband and four children- and many animal friends!

Love Talulah x



#realmothersdiversevoices : Talulah Gough

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