to shake off my wintery ways..

July 26, 2016

When this time of year hits I can actually stop still and not want to move ever again.. I feel cold and stuck and all is overwhelming.. mess piles up, it all feels too hard, my mood is dark. I get a bit like.. mm ok Winter, it’s been great, but that’s enough!

I haven’t danced for days, with no inspiration, feeling bogged down with stuff .. and today a magical quiet moment arrived after I started clearing up the mess that is surrounding me, and I danced.

If you are feeling stuck, move, if you can’t move much because of pain or illness, move as much as you can, put on some music that moves you, send your spirit out for a dance.

And I know from all the winters passed, that from this place of void, of the darkest part of the cycle comes the energy for the new life to spring forth.

This too is a necessary part of the cycle, where the most work occurs, the work of the soul, the work of winter.



Talulah x

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