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To birth a drum

February 22, 2016



When people ask me to hold a Medicine Drum making workshop for them, it’s sometimes hard to explain that we will not just be making a drum. What we enter into is an re-membering of our own births and then with consciousness enter into the drum making process observing our birth imprint in motion, with compassion and love from where we have come and who we are because of that. It’s a big day and is different for everyone.

I asked for a few words from the women who did the last workshop in Queensland a month ago, I thought their words might give a feel for what the process is like. Thank you so much for sharing Jessie, Pernille and Rachel xxx

I love the image above, it felt like Ancient Women’s business in this moment, we have been here before..


I knew I wouldn’t just be making a drum and I knew the process had something to do with unravelling my birth journey but I wasn’t sure what to expect. Sitting in circle and connecting with self spirit and the other women was a given and I was eagerly anticipating this workshop if only for the space and permission the check out of the profane.
In telling my stories of my birth menarche and giving birth, common threads revealed themselves. The stories I thought were my stories were re-woven with this deeper understanding into a rich and complex tapestry that revealed my creative process and long held patterns in thought and behaviour. Talulah’s advice was to listen to what came up as I made my drum. It was very obvious, and almost made me giggle. Those same thoughts and behaviours were playing out as I wove. I noticed them, acknowledged them and then kept going without acting out in the way I am so used to.
It was uncomfortable but soon very freeing. I had to trust my inner judgement. The constant seeking for external validation which has been one of the threads in my tapestry was n’t going to be ok today. I had to trust myself and be my own validation. Again Talulah intuitively protected and nurtured this process. I came away with a drum so beautiful. She ‘looks’ like me and I am so proud of her. She is a tool for growth and healing and this is woven into her very being. The concept of creating a physical object as an artefact to elicit deeper self-understanding was very powerful.

X Jessie


I came to this drumming workshop with very little knowledge of drums and drumming all together and it has had such a profound effect on me. I loved the day and I loved the work with our own births. At the time I didn’t feel like I had had a really big insight from the work we did, but often the small insights and understandings have the biggest impacts. I still haven’t managed to do much drumming, but I do look at my drum with lots of love and I think about my new perspective and new learning every day!!!! It will take a little while for the changes to really manifest in my life, as I am still in my baby labyrinth, but my head has changed, my perspectives and maybe even my values. Thank you Talulah

Pernille xxx


Making my drum was a deeply powerful experience on many levels. It was lovely to reflect inwards, nurtured by the company of women and to work with my hands and heart to create. At times it was challenging and the space held by Talulah and the group allowed unravelling to happen and insights to be explored. The process resulted in a beautiful drum, a better understanding of myself, and the beginning of a journey into drumming. I am grateful for this experience, and for the women who shared the journey.

Love Rachel xx


I will be doing a Medicine Drum making workshop in Sydney this year.. soon maybe! And have had a call from Victoria again, so let me know if you are in those areas and are interested in making you own Medicine Drum



Talulah xx

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  • Reply Helen February 22, 2016 at 3:50 am

    Hello Talulah!

    Wow! What beautiful stories. There are a number of us in Adelaide who have been wanting to make a medicine drum over the past couple of years. There is no one here to do it! Do you have any contacts? If not, perhaps we can travel to Victoria.

    Love and light,
    Helen xx

  • Reply Stef March 2, 2016 at 5:30 am

    Hi Talulah,

    Iam in Victoria and are eager to make my own drum. A few months ago I have been to a meditation drumming session and it was awesome, I loved the sound of the drums. I dont just wanna buy one, I’d love to make my own.
    Hopefully you are coming to Victoria soon!!

    Stef 🙂

    • Reply Talulah Gough April 16, 2016 at 11:19 am

      Hi Stef, Have you emailed me too? Or Facebook messaged me? I’ve been chatting to a Stef in VIC about a drum workshop… I am not coming down, but my friend, who has done several drum making workshops with me is doing one.. I can put you in touch if you like? Love Talulah x

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