January 18, 2016

I share on here sporadically, and I love this space for the times I feel I have words to express.

And, words aren’t always my medium.

My main medium is movement, I dance every day, in big and small ways. In my kitchen while I’m preparing food, in my room (which is huge and an amazing dance floor), with my kids and in the car.. anywhere.

I share a lot of my dance adventures and expressions on Instagram. It is my favourite platform as far as social media goes. I don’t share much on Facebook, except in private groups (though, yes, I know they are part of the same thing)

I have made many amazing connections around the globe on Instagram. And while I realise it is mostly the perfect parts of their worlds I am seeing, and they are seeing of me.. there is also some vulnerable and beautiful sharing that occurs there that has brought me so close to my global sisters. It is a beautiful window I love to look in on every day. Keeps us connected.

You can catch me there on @makingsacred with dance expressions like this….

If you are into Instagram.. check out my dear ones near and far too





















@pacificorganics (which is our family business… organic food.. check it out, we are just getting started on Instagram with that one) 😉

Hope to see you soon


Talulah xxx


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    gorgeous sharing! xxx


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